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How to earn an extra income online working from home?

In this article I’m gonna show you how to work online to earn an extra income with surveys, mini Jobs, etc. Thanks to Clixsense.

What is Clixsense?

Created in 2007. It’s founder was Steve Girsky The current owner is Jim Grago and the company is located in New York, USA. It’s a platform GPT (Get Paid To), with their advertising section that pays us for viewing ads PTC (Pay To Click), among other task, for FREE. We don’t need to pay money to receive the money of our work. Clixsense has support for most of countries in the world and Pay mainly with Paypal.
You can see the payment proofs here: Clixsense payments.

You can register by clicking on the banner.
How it Works?

The main way to earn money is visiting websites, ads of companies or normal people with own sites, but isn’t the only option, also we can answer surveys, mini Jobs, offers like download apps, complete a sign up on a website, etc.
The min. Withdraw is $8 USD for free users, and if you buy the OPTIONAL Premium membership of $17 USD per year, the min. Witdraw is $6 USD. Clixsense applies a 2% fee per withdraw.
To register: Click in the link here, now go to Sign Up button in the upper side of the website. In the form, fill the information and click on Create Account.

Clixsense sign up form
You can register by clicking on the banner.

Check your e-mail and actívate your account with the activation link that Clixsense sent you. Clixsense only allows 1 account per home and Internet connection. If you try to create more accounts, you’ll be banned permanently.
To login, click on Sign In and fill the username and password. Click on Sign In Button.

How to Sign In
In the backoffice, you can see: Current balance, pending withdraw, today earnings, yesterday, this month, past month, referrals, news section, etc. Also you can find the Daily Checklist Bonus, Clixsense rewards you for staying active: by completing the Daily Checklist you will be rewarded with an extra bonus. In the right to complete and earn a bonus (for example, view 6 PTC ads, complete 2 offers, etc.) That bonus is from 6% up to 14% depending of our earnings.

Clixsense Backoffice
View Ads

Clixsense pay us to view ads of an advertiser that paid for that. To earn money here, go to ViewAds button, later click in the Ad that shows Tittle, description, length and commission we are going to receive. Now, click to the cat picture, wait to the ad duration and later we'll receive the money.
The money that we receive appears in the account balance, next to the username and also in the main page.

How to view ads to earn money
Also there’s a mini game called ClixGrid, and Works exactly like PTC ads, the difference is that we have a limited number of chances (30 for free users, 60 for Premium users) and we can earn rewards, up to $10 USD for view 1 ad. It’s necessary view at least 20 ads to complete the Daily Checklist Bonus.

You can earn up to $10 USD by view an Ad

On Clixsense we can do surveys of 3rd Party companies about new products and services, as well as other subjects like hobbies, etc. Some survey companies are: Toluna, Samplicio.us, YourSurveys, Opinion Surveys, etc. Click on Surveys Button and start to fill the basic REAL info about you in Surveys Profile button  like name, age, monthly and anunal income in your house, civil status, sex, etc. It’s very important fill correctly this information, relax and take your time to do this.
In Surveys -> History & Support you can see the survey history that we do, completed or rejected, as well a support button to send tickets in case of a problem.

You can earn money with surveys

In the Offers section, click there and you can see many options like ClixOffers, Persona.ly and many more. You can download Apps, complete a Sign Up, also do Surveys, and I recommend you the Surveys. Some of the easy surveys that you can do, are in TrialPay section, on TapResearch, Speak Up and Samplicio.us.
Also on Peanut Lab Surveys let us create a profile survey, so take your time to fill the correct information.
In Offers -> History we can see the earnings of the last days.

Offers section, you can do surveys here
CrowdFlower Task

 The CrowdFlower Company is a 3rd party that allow us to earn money doing mini Jobs, like check web articles and their authors, identify if some data is correct, or more complex like analyze and process data that we give us. The platform uses a system score, while more increases the difficulty, more money we can earn, and while more task we complete, our score increase, unlocking more and better task. It’s possible that in many days doesn’t appear any task, so put attention and do the task when you receive one without errors.

CrowdFlower Task. With training you can do many task and earn a lot of money.
Buy advertising

In the Advertise button, you can buy advertising credits that you can use in your advertising campaign, to promote your blog, website, Online store, etc. That campaigns are the same that we can see in the View Ads section and the ClixGrid game. For more information, you can read the FAQs.

You can buy cheap advertising for your blog, website, online store, etc.
Referral system

We receive referral commissions of level 1 that varies form 5% to 10% of their earnings (Without taking anything away from them) for doing task, offers, surveys, and up to $0.002 to View PTC ads.
In Affiliates -> Program Details you can see the complete information.

Full information about compensation plan
Differences between Standar member vs Premium member
Deposit and withdraw methods

The Payment processors to buy advertising or cashout our money are Paypal and Paytoo. They’re considering to add new methods, but there’s no news about that in this moment.

Current payment processors
Help and Frequently Asked Questions

 In the Helpdesk button in the upper section of the website, move the mouse and it shows a menú where you can see the FAQs (frequently asked questions), News, My Tickets and the Submit a Ticket button to send our doubts or technical problems. Also we can see the Forum section to meet more about Clixsense.

Help section

As a Clixsense user I can say that if we work in this website in all it’s facets, it’s possible to earn an extra income decent, or even more, with practice and effort, you can earn an income online.

Isn’t meant to make you rich quickly or something similar, it’s a job more to complement with our daily routine. The website Works online many years and it will here for a long time.

You can register by clicking on the banner.

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